Outdoor athletic surface solutions in the past have been limited to some low life expectancy choices out there. Parks and Recreation directors and Maintenance supervisors can attest that the outdoor courts tend to be the biggest frustration for them. Sport Court flooring is such a vast improvement in performance, life expectancy and safety that the cost is easily justified to upgrade. 15 year warranty, 30+ year typical life expectancy, 20 colors available and limited downtime to install make Sport Court the right choice for your basketball court, pickleball court, tennis court or multi-sport outdoor athletic court.   

New sports, games, and other forms of recreation are constantly appearing. You need maximum versatility and durability when adding or refurbishing recreation facilities like outdoor basketball courts or tennis courts, so you can keep up with the changes. But what if you could also add performance, safety, and eco-friendly materials all while keeping your maintenance costs low? With Sport Court indoor and outdoor surfaces, you can.

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