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Our patented, high-quality commercial indoor court flooring is designed and built with the athlete in mind, offering safe playing surfaces that ease the shock on developing joints. A highly versatile floor, it is the perfect choice whether you`re retrofitting an existing gym or building a new one. Our commercial indoor court flooring is multi-purpose, low-maintenance, and has the lowest life-cycle costs of any other surface option. Get your kids off unsafe flooring and get them playing on high-quality Sport Court® gym flooring.

C&C Courts INC has been an official Sport Court® representative, installing basketball gym flooring and other sports flooring projects for more than 30 years. Sport Court was established in 1974, and has developed more than 50,000 projects worldwide, surpassing the expectations of even the most demanding coaches, athletes, architects and builders.

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Sport Court
maple select


Maple Select delivers the same look, squeak of the shoe and consistent ball bounce as a hardwood court. This durable, easy-to-clean, and low-maintenance surfaces saves you money in the long run, with no annual maintenance of the poly finish like a wood floor. Need high-quality basketball gym flooring with added shock absorption? Not a problem with Sport Court®, as we offer several thicknesses of underlayment to meet your comfort level. Every day, you’ll walk into your facility to see a court that looks brand new, no matter how long you’ve owned it!

Now featuring premium colors: Dark Maple, Rustic Maple, Deep Blue Maple, Crimson Red Maple, and Silver Maple.

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Response - Sport Court


With Response™, you can give your athletes improved shock absorption, allowing them to perform at their highest levels, while keeping them playing longer with the safety of built in Lateral Forgiveness™. Response flooring offers improved resilience, moisture resistance and is formulated to cover a variety of old aging floors, no need in most cases to alleviate the old flooring, we just cover it up! Large abatement costs and possible exposure to hazardous materials are a thing of the past thanks to Response™.


ResponseHG - Sport Court

Response HG™

Our flooring is tested by champions and has served as the official playing surface of the NCAA Volleyball Championships and the USA Volleyball National Teams. Athletes of any level can enjoy our superior performance, optimal traction and shock absorption. We also help you save money with low life-cycle costs. In as little as three days, we can have your commercial indoor court flooring installed and ready to go.


Defense - Sport Court


Defense™ is a proven performer for multiple activities, providing the best in class, comfortable surface for active play. Its low cost makes it an excellent surface for elementary and middle school gyms and activity centers and the quick installation and moisture resistance  will help you get your facility back up and running as soon as possible.



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