Hardwood Sports and Recreational Flooring

BOEN athletic wood flooring offers your facility a wide variety of prefinished wood flooring options. With a lower profile than a typical suspended wood floor and a super-fast install, this is a flooring option you need to explore.

  • Actiflex
  • Stadium
  • Boflex

Find the Right Floor

Actiflex Boen


When flexibility and comfort are key, and you need a quick turnaround when renovating, Actiflex is the right choice. This athletic wood flooring system provides deformation for greater flexibility, BOEN’s X-press locking technology guarantees fast and secure installation. It is easy to extend, pick up, and relocate – without any special tools. That is why Actiflex is ideal for fitness gyms, dance studios, and in private gyms at home.

  • Studio & Gym
  • Hotel & Health
Boflex Boen


This is the premium athletic wood flooring system for high-level performance. With unique progressive shock absorption, Boflex offers uniform performance for adult professionals as well as young athletes. The construction can withstand an almost unlimited weight load and is extremely stable.

  • Education
  • Arena
  • Studio & Gym
  • Hotel & Health
Arenaflex Boen


When building heights matters, this is your floor system. Arenaflex is designed for venues with different building heights and the uneven levels of a subfloor. It combines rigidity and comfort, which makes it versatile and practical for arenas and sports halls. The durable cradle system is ideal for incorporating insulation and reduces pre-construction time.

  • Education
  • Arena


T79 Sport Lacquer

Formulated for the easy application of additional protective coats, where applicable.

Squash Finish

Factory finished to a 60-grit finish. Available in Oak, Ash and Beech within all Stadium systems. Sanded to a 60-grit finish, 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of top finish.

Additional colour choice

BOEN sports systems  are also available in a much wider range of colors, contact BOEN Sport for further information.